Instant posts of the latest trend.

Snippets of existence

Through a manifest of pixels.

We carry in our hands

The power to project

A vague portrait.

We show “Life”.


For creatures who crave purpose,

We want a removal from it.

Back then,

If we truly desire something,

We’d have to journey for it.

And now,

With swipes and clicks,

We press to it.

It renders efforts


Connection or Attention?


Growth is always encouraged.

But how much is “too much”?

Did technology flourish

As flowers do?

Or is it a blight of weeds

Opposing our personal bloom?

Have we evolved

To consume with our eyes?

Do we hunger for nourishment

Or thirst for attention?

Likes. Comments. Shares.

Entertainment or Addiction?


We’ve stepped far in advancement

By the tap of a button,

We can let the world know

What we want to show.

But have we ever asked “why”?

For yourself or the digital Divine?

Who is truly in control?


Or what you hold?

Swipe up.

Double tap.