The Spirit Molecule

Focus, speed, memory, productivity, alertness. Most of what the world values nowadays seldom relate to what we once used to. The doubling rate of technological innovation makes it inevitable that we will soon co-exist with a new kind of Being, be it Artificial intelligence, or genetically modified humans. With the values we now uphold, it is very easy for us to simply forget our ancestral values. With the voluntary prohibition imposed by the government on the consumption of psychedelia, we may conceive it as another testament to our “voluntary running away” from our past. Yes, we once used to live in a time where psychedelia is commonly used, for thousands of years, in rituals and spiritual occasions. Cluttered by today’s scientific and materialistic views, the spiritual views we once held dearly are in danger of extinction. One may argue, it is time that we dispose of all the irrational spiritual nonsense we once had, and finally live in a rational world. However, I do not believe it is so wise, since, maybe what our ancestors knew, what they were exposed to, and what they have learned, especially from these special compounds (DMT and psilocybin) hold immense and profound wisdom that directly wrestles with the forces that underlie the very nature of life itself. To further explore the role of psychedelics in the world, and why it might be important to society, let us first understand what they are and how we have coexisted with them in the past.
Psychedelics are a class of drugs that have the ability to bring human consciousness on a trip to an altered state of consciousness , a psychedelic experience. They include LSD, DMT, Marijuana, psilocybin, and mescaline. For this piece, however, I would like to solely focus on DMT in particular, given its’ interesting capabilities, history and influence. DMT stands for Dimethyltryptamine, a molecule many have regarded as “the spirit molecule”. DMT is commonly extracted from plants for consumption, however, the molecule itself may actually be found in almost all living things, including plants, mammals, and even humans. One of the things temporary science have discovered, is that DMT is produced within humans, and its function still mysterious. Why would we produce them ? Why is it found in almost all living creatures on Earth? These are complicated questions that still require further study. However, a midst of the mysteries, we do know that DMT was consumed quite regularly in the past, in spiritual occasions and so on. When finally studied by scientists in the early 2000s, where patients were given DMT as experimentation, we then realized the capability of the molecule. Patients were struck in awe as they were injected with these molecules. They felt as if they were embracing for something, and then… they were catapulted forward to a journey of mysticism and surrealism. Impossible colors, doors, figures, Gods, and the universe. It may literally be a gateway to a dimension we may never have conceived of.
The exposure to these experiences, have also been recorded to eradicate heavy cocaine and heroin addicts. The drug had a long-term effect on these individuals, with no rational explanations. This is quite fascinating, since who knew that an effective way to get people off these harmful drugs, is to give them another drug. Graham Hancock has suggested that these life-transformative effects may have been related to the individuals’ encounter with Mother Ayahuasca. As Hancock had discussed in his 2010 banned Ted talk, his encounter with Mother Ayahuasca made him stop marijuana after She guided him through a realm of hell and suffering. These experiences tell its users, what must be done in their lives, to live properly, the importance of living properly, and what may happen if they don’t. Quite surprisingly, these experiences also helped eliminate people’s fear of death (long-term effect), after these were given to cancer patients. It will shed a new light on life, and give you fresh new pairs of lenses in which through it, you perceive the world. This includes, your views on reality after the death of the flesh. Perhaps, there is a possibility that the soul endures after the death of the flesh. We far often think ourselves as a “machine”, that dies once it stops working. But, what if, we are the signals that transmit, and may only be physically perceived through its manifestation in a tv-set. The TV dies, but the signal doesn’t. This concept of a life after death had been echoed throughout different cultures in antiquity, and reflected in their artwork. Its parallel similarity with people’s description of their DMT trips, is quite uncanny, and suggests a real relationship between what our ancestors knew, and the experiences we may get through DMT.
So far, there is a high probability that you are really skeptical about this. Really? A chemical gateway to another dimension ? Life after death ?! Even, if you give a speck of accountability to this information, your gut may still have a negative response to the idea of using psychedelics. You don’t like it, since drugs are dangerous and bad, especially ones that can alter consciousness ! This is an extremely common response, given that we all grew up in a culture that despises the usage of drugs, Indonesia being one of the biggest countries to have the strictest of laws in regard of drug trade and usage. But, that statement in itself isn’t wholly true. Society doesn’t really frown upon drugs , in fact, there is blatant evidence that we encourage it. Graham Hancock pointed this out in his ted talk, that given our supposedly defensive position against drugs, drugs such as alcohol are still legal to consume. Alcohol has the capacity to alter your consciousness in a way that encourages a risk-free attitude towards your behavior, and has no respect for the future of its users. It is a leading cause of car accidents, bar fights and many types of diseases, such as liver damage. Its harmful nature is evident, however does not stop us from putting them on shelves for people to consume. Adderall, Ritalin and Dexedrine, stimulants or speed that stimulates focus and grit, all consciousness altering, available at our disposal. Caffeine, another common drug that people consume daily for a kick in the rear-end for productive work throughout the day. DMT and psychedelics in general, on the other hand, are illegal for its consciousness-altering nature, which is quite ironic, given that the other drugs that are legal are not only consciousness-altering as well, but some even self-destructive.
An examination of how the laws are governed surrounding drug use, would lead one to finally understand the shift in values within the very structures underlying society. The legalization of certain types of drugs reflects what our current society values. Speed and stimulants, a trusty buddy to trigger efficiency and productivity. Coffee, another stimulant to wake you up and quickly buzz. Then, you have alcohol, a drug that helps you unwind, escape from the daily grind, and live consequence free. Psychedelics, on the other hand, is a Stage 4 danger to be dismissed at all causes.
“They have the ability to alter consciousness !”
How ironic is it, that all the other “consciousness-altering” drugs are deemed “okay” to consume, whilst psychedelics are not. As I have mentioned before, “they” prioritize values that produces maximal gain, not spiritual liberation. DMT is a gateway to further explore one’s own consciousness. It was used in spiritual rituals back in ancient times. Heck, the Amazonians used to give newborns a tablespoon of Ayahuasca due to the primary importance they believed the drug possesses. Again, it brings the individual to encounter the realm of mystic figures. It holds ancestral knowledge and wisdom, and a guide to proper living. This is reflective of how spirituality is viewed in today’s modern scientific society that has now tried to completely shut down the concept of proper living , groundedness and love.
I am not trying to argue for the legalization of these types of drugs, since I also know the severity it may bring if these drugs are abused and not treated with full respect. However, I am pointing out the current state of what society today values, through our drug laws. We risk losing our ancestral knowledge and wisdom. We risk losing our individual sovereignty to explore our own consciousness. We also risk losing our grasps on what’s truly important in life. Maybe, it’s not so much coffee-filled days of paperwork and innovation, maybe it’s not a Friday night of alcoholic intoxication, maybe it’s the acknowledgement of the importance of our lives and actions in the world. And to lose that, is a crime against humanity, since not only are you letting today’s values clutter the importance of proper living , and deem it spiritual mumbo jumbo, but you are also disrespecting what could potentially be the true nature of reality itself. Who knows what happens after death, who knows whether there is a God or not, but I do know that whatever happens, the guide to life these spiritual journeys provide leads to proper living, which would overall enhance and improve our experience on this planet. And to lose that, is a sorrowful loss.