Should Have

I heard their voice

Seemed so far behind

Baby girls with intellectual poise

Ears under one’s nose nearby

I should have listened

Strained my ears to wisdom

Baby girl, you seem so stressed

That’s because you never cared


I should have observed

Attentive to the signs occurred

Baby girl, have you realised

You were always one step behind


Those foolish years seemed so fine

Life seemed great and all that aside

Baby girl, you were blind

Now that your vile left you behind


I’m one baby girl, I need to grow up

I learned my lesson, thank God I survived

Baby girl, you’re now all grown up

You learned your lesson, regrets no longer thrived


The elders, they’ve known all along

That’s why we should listen, they’ve been through it all

Baby girls, back then we were wrong

That’s why we remind you, we don’t want you to fall


Listen to the sound of wisdom


Time after time, the same knowledge lives

A thousand times, the same story repeats


Those who listen, never fear

What was invisible would be crystal clear


Priscila Komala