Slash & Burn

There. He heard it again.  Help-- Unclear and distant but there nevertheless. He started running towards it and found himself transported beside the dying man. He knelt before the man who, for a person who was dying, was lying in a peculiar position on the ground. The man's limbs, pale and flimsy, were still thrashing about, splattering lumps of mud in every direction, soiling his clothes. The way the head moved terrified him most of all. An engorged, deformed shape of a head was spasming violently. He couldn't see the man's eyes, for the head was turned towards the ground. He must put an end to this, he thought. No human being should have to die this way. Read more

United Nations

fins circling through warm water 1,000,000,000,000 million dollar companies bleached out species and kelp forests ripped up destroyed recovered destroying recovering superhero kids trying to save the world when they should be in classRead more