The Arrival of Hungry Jack

everything had to be rearranged

incense sputtered

smothered out

now our shrine is a cash register

the day Hungry Jack came to stay 

homemade, fresh to buy

a stall at our front door, step

into your age of golden nuggets

and the taste is not exactly

what it says on the tin


here is the new menu, 

local coconuts were cut

cheeseburgers freshly unfrozen

no, you may not 

eat ikan bakar

that’s just a thing of the past


palm trees once shaded, their habits 

inhabit a place from the past, now

the mighty Burger King cares little 

for his subjects,

here decree

‘first you must sever their roots!’


once our village

is not your patronage

although fake ‘meat’ may be 

better than muscle, ships & guns

for years they’ve killed 

more culture 

than cows


scented smoke will rise from ashes

our gospel, the menu of old

will push back Meal Deals to the sea

forever since

the day Hungry Jack came to stay