Goodbye, Madrid

Madrid, Madrid

you have my heart

with home 

I could never part 

days of the past 

long gone 

the smell of 

roses and vanilla

a distant memory 

one I tucked away

like an old chess pawn


the years, the years

flash before my eyes

the dusty, maroon shoe box

a blessing in disguise

Mum’s heartfelt verse

neatly folded 

under photos 

of the farmer’s market 

my heart aches 

can’t stop the tears 

streaming down my face

the freedom, the freedom

running through my veins

on rooftop bars

I let go of my pain

Madrid, my love

I am yours forever

I would not dare leave 

but a call from mum 

yanks at my heart strings 

nagging in the corner– 

I can’t wait to see her