I Miss You, I Miss You, I Miss You.

An hour’s worth of tweets sent by individuals 

from around the world on a random day in July, 

containing the words “I miss you.”

Tweets are such fleeting, sporadic things – yet

in times of loneliness, deep emotion, they

sometimes hold so much weight. What if the

tweets we sent were postcards? Letters sent

to our loved ones? With a postage stamp and

our handwriting that could speak more than

our words?


For this illustration, I used the One Million Tweet

Map to extract eighteen data points of tweets

in the span of an hour, collected from corners

of the world such as Brazil, the Philippines, to

New York and Louisiana. Every stamp a mark

of place, and every coloured envelope a mark

of their emotions – classified by emojis and

sentiment analysis.

What resulted are 18 postcards. And there are

many more constantly coming. There are so

many words. There is so much to miss.