Snowballing The Moon

Snowballing the moon 

into a fist




soft kisses by light


of hair parting

like breadcrumbs



dying isn’t so bad 

my mother says




We lie side by side 

on a hospital bed

bodies braided

as she watches the first 

fallings of snow

cover the garden outside




They placed her in the

kids’ section of the hospital

children run by   

with billowing hospital garbs




little kites aimlessly floating




I draw back 

her hair

Pull out the white ones

she says

but the snow has ploughed the field

it has destroyed everything in its wake




Years ago we were

burying bad memories

in the snow

of men who left

of kites that went loose

and now it has piled up

and turned against us




The moon descends the hill







When I say



creeps over us