The Gallery of Happy Memories

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Revisiting Home Through The Tunes

Walking briskly with my hands in my jacket trying to get as much warmth as I can, I stopped in front of the venue for the 2019 Soundsekerta event. The Melbourne Town Hall stood proudly, boasting its history in the central business district of the city of Melbourne. While waiting, I could feel the excitement from those lining up to get into the venue. Some people stopped by to ask what people were lining up for and I could see how this could spread awareness of the Indonesian community in Melbourne. The anticipation grew while I waited to enter the historic Melburnian building where I expected to feel back at home—in Indonesiaafter a long time.

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the language we speak. 

my childhood memoirs, a language so effortless, always bittersweet.  Read more

Should Have

I heard their voice Seemed so far behind Baby girls with intellectual poise Ears under one’s nose nearby Read more

Thoughts from a Girl Far From Home

“Where are you from?”

The question comes up almost every time I meet someone new. It’s a fair question; I’m at university, I’m an international student – it’s perfectly reasonable for someone to want to know where I’m from. (The implications of that question directed towards someone who is an immigrant is another issue entirely, and not one that I’m qualified to talk about.)

I answer easily, “Indonesia.”

“Oh cool, which city?” they continue.

Here is where I pause. “It’s complicated,” I want to say. “My parents are from different parts of Sumatra, but they both moved around a bit before settling in Jakarta for work. That’s where they met and where I grew up.” The split second it takes me to think up this response is enough to realise I was way overthinking the question.

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Who Remembers Your Name

Legacy, what is a legacy? We have all had that thought at some point in our lives. We stop whatever we are doing at that moment, gaze out the window into the bustling sounds of the city muted behind glass panels and wonder to ourselves to what end is this struggle for?Read more

Through The Lens: Exploring the Unknown

The sun assaults my senses when I walk out the doors of the Sidney Myer building. Rushing across campus to Arts West, I quickly scarf down a couple of sushi rolls I’d bought earlier and anxiously check the time on my phone. 5.28. 2 minutes to get to the Forum Theatre? I weigh my options and decide I’d rather be late than sprint and risk faceplanting in the middle of South Lawn, a scene that is just waiting to be turned into a meme on Unimelb Confessions.Read more

Indonesian Film Festival - Under the Stars

The moon shone brightly in an empty cloudless sky on the 22nd of March, as the streets around the Immigration Museum, Melbourne whispered an empty lullaby under the tyranny of summer’s heat. However, for a colourful conglomeration of Indonesians and Australians gathered around their quaint little corner of Melbourne, it would take a lot more than mere spikes in temperature to break their spirit, in anticipation of the start of Under the Stars.Read more