The thing with Dutch eyes and a Nippon name breathes  Read more

Should We Cancel ‘Cancel Culture’?

The Internet has once again cultivated a burgeoning political movement that, at its core, aims to ensure accountability for people’s behaviours. The movement, which often takes place within the social media sphere, is colloquially known as cancel culture. It envisions a utopian future in which the justice system is perfect, where no one can escape taking responsibilities of their actions in fear of its consequences. Read more

Of Places, Of Feelings

Tik, tok. Tik- lost. Distracted. Lost. Distracted. That clock won’t start ticking any slower, will it? Read more

Resistance to a nightmare reimagined: Review of The Man Who Saw Everything

Oppressive regimes weigh heavy in the minds of citizens.    For forty years following World War II, the German Democratic Republic governed the private lives of individuals with extreme surveillance and stifling authority. Infiltration of people’s behaviour, relationships and desires were commonplace, and movements in and out were severely restricted. The state commanded total knowledge and control.  Read more

Global Integration for Better or Worse: A Look into Global Digital Currency

It is an inevitable fate for the world to evolve and develop. Despite providing benefits that allow the world to operate more efficiently and conveniently, there may be dire consequences that people face due to changes. Therefore, when a large-scale innovation is implemented, it is vital for people to look into potential repercussions, which in this case is the imposition of a global digital currency. Read more

What it Means to be Human: A Questioned Question

I found myself one day just sitting by my windowsill and daydreaming. I must’ve forgotten that I had my piano lesson at six o’clock that day. It was the day eight-year-old me discovered his very first philosophical question through a short Youtube clip. I can’t recall all the details in the video, but the main theme was somewhere along the lines of, ‘what makes a human human?’. Funny thing is, only after 15 minutes or so I realized I had been sitting still doing nothing but think. The spark of thoughts mixed with feelings of awe and frustration kept on piling with a little bit of this and a little bit of that and AAAAAA.. I’m so dead if my mom knows I skipped my piano class! Read more

Quo Vadis Student Activism? – The Missing Resistance

A famous biblical story goes that the apostle Peter, fleeing crucifixion in Rome, meets the risen Jesus, to whom he asks, “Domine, quo vadis?” – “Lord, whither goest thou?” To this, it is said that Jesus replies, "Rōmam eō iterum crucifīgī" – that he is going to Rome to be crucified again, inspiring Peter to return to Rome to preach, despite the impending repression he knew he would face at the hands of Nero. Read more

Our Tireless Battles

Early morning. A typical Wednesday. The city is empty and half asleep. Vacant sidewalks. The air cold with remnants of winter. Immersed in the quiet, I smile.    Across the globe, deep inside Brazil, another tree catches fire. Blazing sparks dance with clouds of ash. A forest exhales its last breath. Read more


What are we to you But crushed dirt Read more