Are you an aspiring writer, photographer, or just someone who wants your voice to be heard? If so, send us your poems, stories, essays and/or photos, and illustrations. Anyone is welcome to submit!


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  • Send us an email at of your pitch or completed work(s). 
  • You can propose other ideas outside the content list, as long as it is relevant to the theme.
  • The format of your submission(s) must be in a Word document. Please proofread your work before sending it to us!
  • Simultaneous submissions or previously published material will not be considered.
  • By submitting to us, you consent to the conditions that your work(s) are subject to editing and that Perspektif Magazine reserves the right to publish your work(s) both in print and digitally. You will always be credited for your work(s) and authors retain copyright of their work.
  • Please understand that your work(s) will not be compensated financially as we are a non-profit organisation and we are a team of volunteers. However, your work(s) will be published in print and digital (Website, Apple News, Instagram, and Facebook).
  • Your piece(s) must be your own, original work: we do not tolerate plagiarism, in part or in full. You must be the copyright owner and rightful author of your work(s).
  • Please be respectful to our team. We are here to help you make your work(s) the best version it can be.
  • We do not accept works that contain hate speech, or racist, discriminatory, xenophobic, queerphobic, and/or any other ideologically harmful ideas or language.
  • DISCLAIMER: Articles and artworks in Perspektif Magazine are accepted for publication on the understanding that they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors or the publisher unless otherwise stated.

FOR ARTWORKS (photographs, illustrations or videos): Send us your work to and tell us how your work is relevant to the current theme. 

  1. We currently do not limit the number of artworks we receive from one contributor. 
  2. Your submissions must be in high-resolution (minimum: 3 MB). The format should either be in JPG or PNG.
  3. If you were to submit artwork(s) and have written captions for those artwork(s), please send us a Word document containing both the captions and their associated artwork(s). 
    • You still have to send us the high-resolution artwork(s) in order for us to print the best quality.
  4. Your work(s) might be subject to editing by our design team. By submitting to us, you consent to this condition.

FOR WRITING: We’d prefer it if you pitch your ideas to first, to make sure that no one’s taken the topic you want!

  1. Unless you have made an arrangement with the editor in charge, your piece(s) should be around 500-1200 words in length (excluding poetry). 
  2. You can submit up to three poems and/or short pieces (< 500 words). However, we can only accommodate for one lengthy feature (>750 words) per contributor.
  3. The format of your submission(s) must be in Word document.
  4. We implore that you provide direct links to your sources for data in non-fiction submissions (including opinions) to allow editors to fact-check. No Wikipedia links please! 
    • Refer to these sources in-text (eg. “According to The Medical Journal of Australia,…”).
  5. Please check your work for grammar and spelling mistakes before submitting.
  6. Once we receive your submission, our editors will help with editing your article. However, it does not guarantee that your article will be published in our magazine. Your edited article will undergo further selection process, where only a select few will be printed. 
    • Please respect our meritocratic editing and selection process as this is done to ensure the content flow, quality, and coherence of each volume.

For more enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email.

We look forward to seeing your work!