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Perspektif is a biannual print and online magazine dedicated to showcasing Indonesian talents, ideas, and initiatives. Each volume contains a variety of written and visual pieces, from critical analyses to poems and personal anecdotes, each centralised on a theme. Supported by kind donations and passionate individuals, our magazine is entirely free and run by volunteers and contributors.


We hope that Perspektif will inspire and familiarise you with new ideas, perhaps challenge your own, and possibly lead you to the formation of new ones.


Volume 04: Humans

August 2015

Humans instinctively need and want to understand other humans. We crave social relationships, and it is natural for us to be interested in others as well as ourselves. This is a process that is both perpetual as it is prevalent, as we are all constantly seeking (and finding) the answers to the enigma of what exactly makes us human.


This is exactly what our fourth volume exemplifies: me, I, we, us, them, and you - the attributes and characteristics that describe what being human truly means, and the dynamic relationships individuals and societies form with one another. So we answered the ever-present question: what makes us human?

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A New Beginning

The New Normal


February 2014

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Volume 05: Pride

February 2016

Thomas Jefferson said that Ďpride costs us more than hunger, thirst, and cold.í But is the price to pay worth the outcome? An outcome that could either reward or destroy? It's a fine line between the two, and we are treading a tightrope, always searching for that balance - the 'right amount' of pride, if even such an amount exists.


So when does pride breed dignity, without breeding arrogance? Or self-respect without egotism? Avoiding pride altogether isnít really an option, since it's not only impossible - itís detrimental. Life is colourless without taking pride in who you are, where you came from, or what you do. So tell us: what are you proud of, and what do you take pride in?


(Just donít overdo it.)

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