Daring To Live

perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring attributes that we have is our ability to live despite fear  we go on from day to day thinking that we are immune to trauma that we are not prone to disease that cancer will never knock on our doors that mental illness will never pay us a visit Read more

A Love Affair

A shadow follows closely Giggling, running up the stairs  Be quiet, she whispered Read more

When Will This All Be Over?

I picture the stars in the darkest sky. I lie and close my eyes to say goodbye. Having witnessed cruel ends to those who hope, I discerned the follies of starry eyes. Read more

Goodbye, Madrid

Madrid, Madrid you have my heart with home  I could never part Read more

Snowballing The Moon

Snowballing the moon  into a fist   //   soft kisses by light trickles of hair parting like breadcrumbs Read more