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tanah air

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The Arrival of Hungry Jack

everything had to be rearranged incense sputtered smothered out now our shrine is a cash register the day Hungry Jack came to stay  Read more


The forest burns;  The sound of its Crackling spleen As it breaks into The arboreal heart Like an arsonist's  Read more

Old Whaling Towns

in class we went beach-combing along the Derwent River they taught us about the spotted hand-fish kelp forests agricultural run-off overfishing toxic shellfish they say there were so many whales it wasn’t safe to crossRead more

Laziness or a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Singapore prides itself with its multiculturalism. Just look at our food and our local language, Singlish. They’ve all been influenced by the various races that make up our population – Chinese, Malays, Indians and Others.    That’s right, if you’re white, you will be lumped into a whole group of minorities called ’Others’. However, behind the façade of the Crazy Rich Asian setting, creative Singapore Airlines advertisements, and Nas Daily sponsored videos, there are many gaps that prove we are not multicultural.  Read more

The Boundaries of Classroom Disobedience: Forming Healthy Resistance in the Name of Progress

Incited by the controversial bill known as the Revision to the Criminal Code (RKUHP), Indonesian students protested from the DPR/MPR building to the Ciamis DPRD building— marching for more than 6 hours—to demand the bill’s revocation while many others took to social media to voice their concerns. Students have every right to protest against the bill to avoid it being passed—however, there need to be boundaries to classroom disobedience for progress to occur. The protests against the RKUHP have a healthy root cause, but the movement has become unhealthy through widespread activism done without proper knowledge.  Read more

Tender is the Night

In the search for a safe haven I refuse to open my eyes– For it was too bright, And the stars are only visible at night Read more

Slash & Burn

There. He heard it again.  Help-- Unclear and distant but there nevertheless. He started running towards it and found himself transported beside the dying man. He knelt before the man who, for a person who was dying, was lying in a peculiar position on the ground. The man's limbs, pale and flimsy, were still thrashing about, splattering lumps of mud in every direction, soiling his clothes. The way the head moved terrified him most of all. An engorged, deformed shape of a head was spasming violently. He couldn't see the man's eyes, for the head was turned towards the ground. He must put an end to this, he thought. No human being should have to die this way. Read more

United Nations

fins circling through warm water 1,000,000,000,000 million dollar companies bleached out species and kelp forests ripped up destroyed recovered destroying recovering superhero kids trying to save the world when they should be in classRead more