The Gallery of Happy Memories

We asked our team to send in a photo of something they held dear, something that made them happy or reminded them of a good time. Here is what they sent.Read more

The 5-Minute Favour

  In a workplace, people are generally classified under 3 types: giver, taker and matcher.  Giver: other-focused and provide support to others with no strings attached Taker: self-focused and put their own interests ahead of others’ needs Matcher: preserve an equal balance of giving and taking. Mindset: tit for tat Read more

Feathered Friend

delicate feathers plume in the dawning Read more

On Power in Community: Words of a Military Wife

When K’Lee Reynolds decided to marry her husband back in 2010, she was in for a life-changing journey. “I knew what was coming, but I also didn’t.”  Read more

Mr Phillip Antippa: Finding Music in the Bustle

Phillip Antippa started playing the piano when he was five, the violin at eight, and the viola at around ten. Throughout this time, he also knew he wanted to pursue a medical career.   Now, he is a thoracic surgeon at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and a director of the Corpus Medicorum Orchestra. Antippa openly acknowledges the people who have shaped him throughout his journey, mentioning significant role models such as his first music teacher.Read more

Ejuen: Faith at the Front Lines

Ejuen Lee, 26, found her calling in medicine when she came to a Melbourne church conference. There, they played a video about children in need and something moved in her, changing her forever.Read more

Jance: A Life of Recovery and Not Looking Back

Jance Deiker, 42, lives a life filled with love. 20 years have gone by since his recovery, yet his life of drugs, music, and sex doesn’t seem so long ago as he recalls his old ways. Read more

Weng Yew: On Passion, Clouds and Self-Discovery

A dash of white and grey, feathers ruffling on the wings of a bird, rushing past the image. And beside it, its twin, except softer, the light less contrasted, less in a hurry. A bird reaching the shore and taking a moment to rest. ‘In your light I learn how to love’ - like a final sigh, a quote by Rumi completes the photograph. Read more

Jamie: Finding Family in the Drag World

“Drag is my alter ego,” she said, “It gives me confidence. It’s what I want to be.” Jamie, now 21, has been performing drag for the past two years. For our interview, she sits in her bedroom in full drag attire – a black choker, thigh-high stockings, platinum blonde hair.  Read more