1. How often do you publish?

Perspektif is a biannual publication. We launch our magazine every March and August.

2. How much is the magazine?

Perspektif Magazine is a non-profit magazine, so our magazine is free!

3. Where can I get a copy?

Our magazines are distributed during our launch parties, BBQs held by PPIA Unimelb or media partners’ events which will be announced on our Instagram. Otherwise, you can get our magazines through our website or contacting us through our email or social media. 

4. How do I get in contact with you?

Email us at perspektif@ppia-unimelb.org or message us through any of our social media accounts below:

Instagram: @perspektifmag

Twitter: @perspektifmag

Facebook: Perspektif Magazine

5. Is the magazine available online?

Yes, Perspektif is published on our website and Issuu. Our previous volumes can be accessed here.

6. When is the magazine open for submissions?

We are open for submissions twice a year, in March and September for one and a half months. Dates vary each year and we have different themes for each issue We encourage you to follow our social media pages or join our newsletter to stay updated on Perspektif’s latest news. 

7. What submissions does the magazine accept?

We accept: 


  1. Op-eds
  2. Personal essays
  3. Short fiction and poetry
  4. Features and profiles
  5. Photo essays


  1. Photographs
  2. Illustrations
  3. Comics
  4. Paintings
  5. Videos

More on our submission guidelines here.

8. Who can submit?

Anyone is welcome to submit their work.

9. How can I support the magazine?

We are a non-profit magazine, so donations are always appreciated to help us with our operations and to reach more people! 

10. Can I join the team?

You must be a university student based in Melbourne to be part of our team. If you are interested, follow us on our Instagram and keep an eye out for our annual open recruitment.

10. What events does Perspektif have annually?

Our main event is the Photowalk, which is held every April. Photography workshops are held throughout the event as Photowalk hosts give directions on how to take the best pictures. We collaborate with photography clubs from UMSU, so this is a great opportunity to network with people sharing your interests.

We also hold launch parties twice a year to mark the launch of our new volumes. This is an opportunity for contributors to showcase their work and for contributors and readers to get to know each other. 

Aside from our own events, Perspektif takes part in various book fairs in Melbourne. Previous book fairs Perspektif has participated in are National Gallery of Victoria Art Book Fair and Abbotsford Convent Open Spaces.

More information on our events are announced closer to the event date through social media and our newsletter. Everyone is welcome to join!

1. What is Teduh? How does it complement Perspektif Magazine?

Teduh is a podcast dedicated to providing a welcoming space for everyone to discuss various contemporary events and topics. By introducing Teduh, Perspektif Magazine aims to be more interactive with our audience. 

2. Where can I listen to Teduh?

Teduh is available on Spotify, Anchor, and Breaker

3. How often are Teduh’s episodes released?

Teduh’s episodes are released fortnightly. You can follow us on Spotify to get updates on new episodes or follow us on our social media to receive announcements.

4. Can I be featured in future episodes?

Of course! Teduh is created with the aim for Perspektif to be more engaging with our audience. We encourage anyone to partake in our episodes. We are open to any topic suggestions and for you to share your experiences. All you have to do is email us at perspektif@ppia-unimelb.org and our friendly team will get back to you promptly.